There’s far too much partisan animosity abroad in the land whilst Trump.45, the Great Uniter, goes about being bold and fatherly towards all Americans, whether they are smart enough to know it or not. Good Papa. As favorite first daughter Ivanka revealed in an exclusive Fox & Friends interview today, she has been surprised at the viciousness around her.

We know her message is critical to the whole nation’s well being, since it was announced in two different Trump.45 twits on Sunday and again this morning, while the news that Melania has stopped wandering about in the domestic desert enclave in New York’s Trump Tower penthouse and moved into the Trump family’s official White House domicile rates not a Trumpian Twit whisper or acknowledgement (last personal Trump.45 Melania Twit sighting and mention May 26, 2017). We know what the real important news is as far as the Big Dog is concerned.

From the New York Times report:

She said she had been blindsided by the vitriol of Washington, and was working to stay out of the fray.

“It is hard, and there is a level of viciousness that I was not expecting,” Ms. Trump said. “I was not expecting the intensity of this experience, but this isn’t supposed to be easy. My father and this administration intends to be transformative, and we want to do big, bold things.”

So there, losers and haters of various stripes and persuasions.

However, Lovely Ivanka makes a good point insofar as Trump.45’s legions of fans are concerned. Therefore, no more talk or re-distribution of FAKE NEWS and other dastardly, unprovoked criticism of the Greatest President Since Sliced White Bread emanating from Democrats, lefties, foreigners in Europe, people with funny accents, and those of darker skin tones, need be entertained by the ever faithful.

If you aren’t a loyal Republican, you don’t count, and we don’t hear you. So let us strictly limit additions to the Trump Pile of Active Endorsements to those who are bona fide Republicans of merit and serious political credentials.

Two more for the pile today (Monday June 12, 2017):

Senator John McCain (R AZ)

Senator John McCain, a prominent Republican voice on foreign policy, was visibly irked when asked by the Guardian what message Trump had sent to the United Kingdom, one of America’s most enduring allies.

“What do you think the message is? The message is that America doesn’t want to lead,” McCain said, while adding of the rest of the world: “They are not sure of American leadership, whether it be in Siberia or whether it be in Antarctica.”

Asked if America’s standing on the global stage was better under Barack Obama, McCain, a fervent critic of the previous administration’s foreign policy, responded: “As far as American leadership is concerned, yes.”

From the Guardian (UK), Sunday June 11, 2017:

Senator James Lankford (R OK)

“I would say it’s very inappropriate,” Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) told CBS of Trump’s interactions with Comey, though he said he did not think Trump committed a crime.

“As Jim Comey said, it’s awkward to be able to have the president of the United States sitting down with someone in the FBI, the leadership of the FBI, to be able to have direct questions. And for the issue to come up about the Michael Flynn investigations – inappropriate,” Lankford said.

From Politico, Sunday June 11, 2017

Note Bene

Both these estimable gents are current, elected Republican Senators from Red States (McCain fresh from a 2016 re-election victory). Both also have had a ringside seat as members of the Senate Intelligence Committee Investigation of 2016 Russian Hacking and Matters Related to Trump, and both personally got to question the notorious leaker liar Comey in public session on camera, under oath, just this past week.

The comments from these two Red party elected officials speak for themselves. As the oft quoted aphorism goes, “With friends like these….”

‘Nuff Said.

More to come, America.