We have learned by now that Trump.45 can’t help himself when he looks at Obama. No matter what he sees, or reads, or imagines, Trump.45 is dead set earnest on besting Obama in every way, large and small, trivial and significant, and so on and so forth, forever and ever.

It’s like a massive toxic itch, he just can’t help himself. He has to dig and scratch.

Sadly for the current POTUS there are numerous categories in which Trump.45 falls shot of Obama, objectively and without spinnable dispute, permanently, irretrievably, and forever on this earth.

A complete listing would require more space than available here, but here are a couple hors de oeuvres to stimulate the appetite, such as:

Comparison #1 Obama has far more education at better schools than Trump.45 has or will ever receive. [Obama: Columbia for College (The Urban Ivy, 4 years), Harvard for Law School (The Super Ivy, 3 years). compare with DJT: Fordham College (No Ivy, 2 years) and University of Pennsylvania (The First Ivy 3years)]

Just a little amendment here for purists and fact based readers. The University of Pennsylvania Ivy species slogan here is a misnomer, by just over a century. Harvard was founded in 1636, and University if Pennsylvania not until 1740, 104 years later. But what’s a century or two got to do with a nifty moniker like the First Ivy. All the Ivies are first rate schools.

In terms of professional education, Obama has completed graduate study and earned a professional degree, Trump.45 has done neither. And in terms of the quantum of Ivy factored educational experience, Obama has 7 years, while Trump.45 sports only 2 years. So, Obama has a full 200% Ivy League educational pedigree, while Trump.45 finishes a long-way second place behind at Half-an-Ivy Degree, at least a 4:1 disadvantage for our Current POTUS.

Let us stipulate at once that education at flashy elite colleges is often overrated, yet for some people it represents the sine qua non, the crème de la crème, of educational achievement, smarts, and prestige. At least that’s deeply held personal belief that Trump.45 keeps harping on, ad nauseum, to anyone who will listen, and doesn’t know the details of his pretension.

In sum, Obama has received more education, at better schools, and earned a professional graduate degree. Trump is a permanent second place I the educational attainment category versus Obama